The children’s parliaments function at the following levels.

  • Neighbourhood Parliament of Children (NPC)
  • Village (area) Parliament of Children (VPC)
  • Panchayat Parliament of Children (PPC)
  • Block Parliament of Children (BPC)
  • District Parliament of Children (DPC)
  • State Parliament of Children (SPC)
  • National Parliament of Children
  • International Zonal Parliament of Children
  • World Parliament of Children

Neighbourhood Parliament of Children

NPC is the basic unit of the chain of children’s parliaments. All the children without exception are members of this level of parliament. As mentioned earlier, this level parliament comprises of 30 families or thereabout. Every neighbourhood parliament has ministers for various concerns. As soon as a NPC is formed, it should be brought to the notice of the VPC and get registered as a federated part of the VPC. Sufficient members of NPCs must be elected and sent to the VPC. It is the duty and obligation of the elected representatives to attend the higher level parliament.

Village or Area Parliament of Children

Village or area parliament (VPC) is the level II parliament of children. It is formed with the representatives of all the NPCs within the village or local designated area. If the village is too large for a single small-sized VPC, then the village is divided into two or more areas. Each area may consist of about ten neighbourhood parliaments. However, if there are more than 15 neighbourhood parliaments in a village, it is better to form two area parliaments. In the same manner, some villages may form six or seven area children’s parliaments. Each NPC may send five of their representatives to the VPC. If the village or area has a large number of NPCs the number of representatives can be reduced to two or three. As in the NPCs, each VPC will also have a Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Finance Minister and ministers for various concerns.The VPC should meet at least once a month. The meetings can be conducted in a public place such as school, campus of worshipping places or in the premises of a government office.

Panchayat Parliament of Children

Just as village parliament is formed with the representatives of the NPCs, Panchayat Parliament of Children (PPC) is formed with the representatives of VPCs.

PPC will also meet once every month.

At Other Levels

As the formation of higher levels of children’s parliaments takes place, the process is repeated at every level: the representatives of the lower levels will form the higher level of parliament; ministers will be elected for various concerns; meetings will be convened at the stipulated intervals; etc.

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