Suggestions to generate Enthusiasm

We give below a few suggestions in order to make children more interested in taking part in the parliament. You may choose these or any other according to your talent or the need of the time.

  • Organize entertaining events like Bal Mela every month.
  • Narrate success stories of children of other parliaments.
  • Include entertainments in the agenda of every parliament session.
  • Conduct programmes or sessions that would motivate children.
  • Analyse with children things, events, etc, to create an analytic mind in them.
  • Take out children for training and exposure programmes.
  • Use learning games.
  • Conduct training programmes during holidays
  • Conduct talent shows and quiz programmes.
  • Organize leadership training and motivation-building programmes.
  • Take children out for picnics and study tours.
  • Conduct games or sports during festive holidays.
  • Provide them useful books and journals.
  • Conduct classes to instil self-confidence.
  • Celebrate various festivals.
  • Train the children to conscientize people regarding social evils through entertaining programmes like street plays, puppetry, folk songs, etc.
  • Think of creative parliament sessions and discuss with children on possibilities for innovations.
  • Use interesting teaching methods.
  • Organize public service programmes for children to take part in. Services like cleaning the streets, clearing playgrounds or the worship places.
  • Screen instructive and educative movies and documentaries from time to time.
  • Acknowledge leadership qualities in children and give opportunities for them to take initiatives or exercise leadership.
  • Organize interactive learning session with religious, social and political leaders.
  • Organize cultural days.
  • Initiate small saving programmes among the children.
  • Organize contact programmes with children of other neighbourhoods and peers of other villages.
  • Organize meeting of children ministers engaged in the same concern. Example a congress of education ministers of the district, panchayat etc.
  • Organize meetings with parents three or four times a year.
  • Engage the children in conducting census/statistics centred around social and economic themes of the neighbourhood.
  • Organize an occasional sharing of success stories.
  • Acknowledge and appreciate achievements and initiatives of children.
  • Celebrate birthdays of children (preferably on a particular day of the week when they have the meeting).


Birthday celebrations are occasions to rejoice over one’s being, life, individuality and unique character. It is also an opportunity to rejoice in the relationship the group has with the individual. Birthday is an occasion when one feels good and grateful about himself or herself in the thought that others are happy about him or her.

Birthday celebrations may be held in the neighbourhood parliament in the following manner.

Each child may write on a paper one good quality of the child celebrating birthday. Then each child reads out what is written. This will make the birthday child happy and confident. This is the best gift we can present him or her with. Finally the group may sing a birthday song.The children can do the same in various other ways. For example: the children can make a garland out of the slips of paper where they have written the good qualities of the birthday celebrant, and put it around his/her neck.Each child may present the birthday child a flower; while presenting, he or she can say one good quality of the birthday child aloud. You may add also cultural item at each birthday celebration.


The following formation programmes will be useful to the children.

  • Training in goal setting
  • Training for leadership and personality development
  • Formation to parents and formation from parents.
  • Value education training
  • Formation of Association for Children’s Rights
  • Social Awareness Training Programmes
  • Moral education classes through interesting programmes
  • Introducing Spheres/Areas of Activities for children
  • Talent hunting
  • Sex Education in groups according to age
  • Training in Group Dynamics
  • Training in Street plays
  • Life Guidance Education
  • Training in Children’s Duties and Responsibilities
  • Training in General Etiquette
  • Training in Social Communication.
  • Training in Saving Habits
  • Training in writing stories, essays and poems
  • Training children in the use of public libraries
  • Training to evaluate activities
  • Training in gardening
  • Training in understanding of different cultures
  • Training to celebrate world days
  • Social orientation courses
  • Social Analysis Training
  • Training in dealing with various social issues
  • Training in music and art
  • Introducing children to different methodologies used in education
  • Training in cooperation for implementing government schemes
  • Training in spreading the concept of children’s parliament and finding promoters
  • Training to prepare for children’s events like Bala Mela (children’s festivals)
  • Training to promote peace
  • Counselling


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