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Rescue of Child Labourers
We discovered 20 children who were employed as workers in the wayside Tiffin and tea stalls. They were enrolled as beneficiaries of Sarva Siksha Abhian (SSA) Scheme. Some of them were not willing to attend the regular classes. So we have made a suggestion to the government to devise a syllabus for such children.

Muthu Selva Ganesh, Theni District, Former State Prime Minister


Saved from Suicide Attempt

We found a 6th standard girl missing when we gathered under the banyan tree where we have our children’s parliament meeting. We sent our prime minister to look for her. She had headed towards the sea for committing suicide.She had been chased out of her house by her mother in a fit of rage. The reason given: she was saying a lot of lies and using bad words.We rushed to meet her. We all joined in consoling the girl, gave her meals and took her back to her mother.

The mother was still angry and adamant.We told the mother that we would take responsibility that she would not commit such mistakes any more and that they should not abandon her. We even told her that they could be arrested for cruelty to child if we report the matter to phone number 1098.We made peace this way. Now the child very happily attends school and actively participates in children’s parliament.

M. Nisha, Home Minister, Children’s Parliament, Pillaithope, Kanyakumari District


Saving a child victim of accident

On 5th August, an auto dashed against a boy. The driver tried to escape from the scene thinking that nobody was around.I stopped the auto driver and urged him to take the boy to his relative’s house and then to a hospital. I too accompanied. I threatened him that if he doesn’t come with us this way I would phone to number 1098.The boy was studying in sixth standard. He had come to a relative’s house for holidays when the accident occurred. The relatives also joined us in the auto when we went to the hospital for treatment.Things would have gone bad had I not been at the spot. The training and the courage given by Neighbourhood Parliaments of Children helped me to save the child.

S. Nivedha, Prime Minister,26th Neighbourhood Children’s Parliament, Pillaithope,Kanyakumari District


Respecting our right to play

Our village didn’t have a playground for children. At the initiative of the Sports Minister in our village federation of neighbourhood parliaments of children, we decided to send a memorandum to the panchayat president in this regard. The memorandum was given on April 4, 2007. The panchayat president responded positively by clearing up a thorny bush area and transforming it into a playground for us.

Joywin, Prime Minister, Children’s Parliament, Arokyapuram, Kanyakumari District.


Garbage Dump Gives Way to Children’s Playground

We have a street named “Compost Stream Street” (Compost Oodaitheru). In fact it is where garbage is dumped. The rotten waste emitted stench. It also was cause for many diseases in the area. Our District Children’s Parliament took up the issue and passed a resolution. It submitted an application to the Municipality. The officials have promised to bury the garbage. Soon the garbage site will become a play ground for children. 

Muthu Selva Ganesh, Theni District, Former State Prime Minister.


Bringing light to our steps

Streetlights were not burning for quite some time in our area. This affected both the children and grownups. Children couldn’t go out for study or for play. We children ministers gave a petition to our ward member and kept on reminding him. Now the problem is set aright. The elders of the village and the village administration are all praise for us.

M. Jyoti Bhasu, Prime Minister, Children’s Parliament, Siluvai Nagar, Kanyakumari


Bringing dropout to school

“SR,” a boy from our neighbourhood parliament of children, completed seventh standard and dropped out for a year. We discussed about it in our parliament and sent a memorandum to panchayat president, headmaster, and village president.We made him rejoin the school this June. Now he is studying 8th standard. Thus children’s parliament helps us to respond to problems faced by children and make their lives happy.

A. Anusha, Education Minister, Neighbourhood Parliament of Children 22, Enayam, Kanyakumari District


Another dropout to school

“MM,” stopped going to school in the middle of his second standard to join his parents in begging. We talked about the problem in our children’s parliament. Accordingly the education minister talked to the Child Protection Committee and to the panchayat president. With their help, we talked to the parents. We approached the headmaster and got for “MM” notebooks and textbooks. Now “MM” is going to school.

R. Aishwarya, Education Minister, Children’s Parliament, Vadakkoor, Rajavoor, Kanyakumari District


Ensuring rights to house

Sixty houses in Anna Nagar, Bhimaneri, did not have patta for their houses. And this led to various difficulties.

We discussed about it in our neighbourhood parliament of children. Our child prime minister, N. Radha, along with other representatives gave a memorandum to the president of panchayat on May 16 this year. The panchayat president gave a memorandum to the district collector in turn. The pattas were given on July 16.

S. Prabha, Vice-Prime Minister, Neighbourhood Parliament of Children, Anna Nagar


Patta for our houses

No house in Alagarsamy Colony, Theni, had patta. Ministers of our children’s parliaments met Mr. M.K. Stalin, the T.N. Minister for Local Administration, while he was in Theni District for a political campaign and presented a memorandum. The Minister assured us that he would help to solve the problem.

Selva Muthu Ganesh, Prime Minister, Former State level Parliament of Children, Tamilnadu


Reaching out to the mentally challenged

Someone in our street was mentally affected. Children would throw stones at him. He wouldn’t even wipe out the saliva that flows from his mouth. He would throw stones and balls and what not from upstairs. . He would untie the rope and let loose the cows leading to various types of losses to various people. Hence the elders would beat him. We in our children’s parliament decided to do something about it. We got him seated in our parliament meeting place and we all saluted him. We taught him to sit properly. We taught him to go to toilet room all by himself. Earlier he would not brush his teeth and take bath. Now as soon as his mother calls him, he goes to take bath and brushes his teeth. We have trained him that much.

R. Aishwarya, Prime Minister, Children’s Parliament, Vadakkoor, Rajavoor, Kanyakumari District

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