Once a year especially at the initial stages it would be helpful to have an oath-taking function before the ministers assume responsibilities.

It would first make the children feel they are going to take up a responsible mission.

Secondly, it will serve as a sign for the elders to know that their children are engaged in a matter of social importance and accordingly extend their support.

At this function the ministers will assume responsibility and promise to fulfil their mission responsibly using their talents and abilities to the maximum.

The following formula may be used as a model.

I, ……………………………………… (nn) have been elected as Minister of …………………. (state the office: Prime Minister/Deputy Prime Minister) in the Neighbourhood (or village/panchayat, etc)Parliament of Children of (nn name the village/panchayat, etc).

I promise that during the period of my service as (state the office), I shall understand my responsibility and duties clearly and fulfil them to the best of my ability. I promise to dedicate myself for the welfare of each child in the neighbourhood (or village/panchayat, etc) and help solve the problems of children. I also promise that I shall respect the dignity of each child, treat each one equally without discrimination and I shall set myself as an example for the better functioning of the parliament as a loving and united family.

  1. Some person of importance in the village/panchayat may be invited to administer the oath. Other guests also may be invited. The children may request the invited guest to give a short address of felicitation.

  2. The function can be celebrated as a public meeting in a spirit of festivity.


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